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Lindsey Bolger

SVP & Managing Director of Keurig Trading/SVP Coffee Sourcing & Excellence
Keurig Green Mountain


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Lindsey Bolger has been working in coffee since 1987 and joined Keurig Green Mountain in 2001. Lindsey travels extensively in the coffee-producing world, and is an internationally recognized coffee taster. As a member of the “Cup of Excellence” international jury, she has participated in competitions in Brazil, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama, with the goal of seeking and rewarding excellence in coffee. She is also a Certified Q Grader, has served on the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s Board of Directors and is as long-standing member of SCAA’s Environment Committee.

She is also the Chair of World Coffee Research, a leading industry-based organization that helps ensure the sustainable supply of high quality coffee through collaborative agricultural research and development. I know Lindsey would love to continue to be available to you for future stories you might be considering regarding coffee sourcing, quality, taste, etc.

Lindsey Bolger Soundbites

“The people at Green Mountain Coffee and the coffee farmers that we work with both have a tremendous commitment to quality, and a deep passion and true belief that if you put your best effort forward you can create an extraordinary coffee experience.”

“The world of coffee is changing all the time, and there are times when we are completely blown away by a new discovery – this jewel that suddenly appears on a cupping table. And when we find a new origin that has a unique flavor, characteristic or some extraordinary quality, we think about how it might complement some of the other coffees that we have. It’s like finding a new spice and adding that to your spice cabinet… and that’s really the exciting thing about finding new sources for quality coffee.”

“What we’re looking for is coffee grown at high elevations, preferably over 4,000 feet. This is where the climate will slow the maturation process of the coffee fruit, and the coffee flavors, the coffee aromas and the things that make coffee taste really special and unique tend to intensify.”

“Tasting coffee is a noisy process. We slurp the coffee to aerate it and broadcast it to those different taste receptors in our mouths. Slurping ensures that we taste the broadest expression of the coffee that we’re evaluating.”